Starting Is Hard

August 18, 2016

There’s no simpler way to put it. You have a vision, but there are a thousand activities on your path to success and that can be immensely overwhelming. What’s the absolute first thing to do, what’s the second? At Matchist we don’t believe there is a hard and fast blueprint for how to begin, each new venture is unique after all, but we do think there are a few smart steps any new founder can take to move the needle forward.

Author a problem statement.

Exactly what fundamental problem are you solving? Write it down, say it out loud, get the tattoo. Just kidding on that last point but focusing your vision down into one specific problem will help you think about all the ways you can solve it. It also helps you prioritize. Try this: when developing a plan ask yourself: “how much will this activity move me closer to solving the problem I set out to fix?” Organize your list accordingly.

Set Concrete Goals

What does successfully solving the problem mean to you? What does it look like? What are the obstacles? From there you can work backwards to determine medium and short terms goals and the activities therein that you need to complete. At Matchist we find that starting big picture and then getting more granular produces an actionable, ordered to do list.

Dedicate Time

Whether it’s burning the midnight oil or skipping saturday morning cartoons, schedule some time with yourself at least weekly to focus solely on your new business. What you do with that time will depend on your needs, resources or mood but having it set aside will force you to focus. Balancing the demands of other commitments with the attention a new venture requires is challenging but hopefully it becomes that part of your day or week that you look forward to most.

So starting is hard, we know. There are many reasons not to and the honest truth is that some of them can be pretty compelling. At the end of the day though, the rewards for taking the leap can be truly remarkable. In getting started we have found these three practices effective in our own experience and so hope you will find them valuable too. When you are ready to take the leap, you know where to find us! Happy starting folks.

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